Special events are as the name implies special. Every event has its own unique challenges and surprises and Portable Power Solutions has the experience and equipment to overcome these as they arise. We can do everything from getting your coffee pot running to powering the main stage of your event. Our staff have years of production experience working with movie production teams, street festivals, and concerts.

Portable Power Solutions offers many products and services for special events such as:

  • Ultra Quite Generator Rentals
  • Electronic Governors for Stages
  • Distribution Box Rental
  • Electrical Permitting
  • Cable Rentals
  • Area Lighting
  • Electrician On Duty during Event
  • Tent Lighting
  • Cable Ramp Rental
  • GFCI for wet locations
  • We can get electricity any where!

When it is time for a special event call Portable Power Solutions for generator rentals and other production needs. We can help determine your power requirements for your stage, food vendors, and sponsors and help you to determine to most cost efficient way to deliver power to all of them. We are always willing to do a site walk or tele-conference to ensure that we are designing the main power structure of your event to meet your expectations.


Call us for prices and availibility at (877) GENSET - 1